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When I came to the site, the front page seemed ok until I scrolled down and there was only one forum topic at the bottom under the "Recent Forum Activity" header. This isn't the first time this has happened either, although in the past, it seemed to have worked itself out after a few days. Why does this sometimes happen? It is 12:17 am Central time on August 14. Is it because content is being updated/changed/deleted? The last time it happened was about a month ago. Also, when this happens, the advertisement banners along the top and sides sometimes don't load. Just saying in case it helps, and every other website I visit is fine. That's the only reason I posted this, because it doesn't seem to be on my end. Clearing my cache doesn't work either, in case you were wondering. Thank You.

It is now 1:50 on August 14, and now the entire "Recent Forum Activity" section is gone from the homepage. The last section is "User Community Showcase". The strange thing is that everything appears to be spaced and laid out properly. It looks like that section was just cut out. I hope this helps. Thank You.

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we're looking into the issue.