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Old video player always worked for me.

New video player constantly freezes and won't let me resume.

Also won't save my progress on videos anymore.

This is the same on both my chromebook and my windows 8 laptop.

Bummer :(

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I'm having some of the same issues, particularly in HD. Player always freezes when I come back to an HD video and try to skip ahead. No progress saved, either.

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They've stated that the resume feature will make a return shortly. They are rewriting it from scratch.

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I'm having the same issue with the new player that I had with the old player. The videos I play through HTML5 will always stop around half-way and I have to select a different quality option for them to start again. The old player would resume where the video stopped, but the new one just starts from the beginning again.

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Alright, I really don't know if this is the right place to put this- and I definitely know it wont help the situation mentioned here, but I just have to say the new video player is working wonderfully for me. All of the issues I used to have with the old player have pretty much been wiped away. It's clean, and it does what I want it to do.

I know that people are obviously having some issues with it, but I just wanted to let the engineer(s) behind the remake know that this is some great progress. I hope that the issues mentioned in this topic can be fixed, but in the meantime there definitely are people on the opposite side of the spectrum. I'm much happier with the new player, and I know that there will be more people like me pretty soon. Keep up with the awesome work. :D

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Would have been nice if they got all the features of the old player in the new player before deploying it.

I can't resume either and while the constant lag and stuttering of the old player has improved, it's still doing it far too often. I'm on 150Mbit cable at home and 100Mbit fiber at work and am still dealing with constant lag that doesn't happen on any other site. The main reason I pay for Premium is HD video access and it's all but useless.

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Not to gloat or hijack the thread or anything, but I just wanted to echo that, so far, the new video player is working much better for me than the old one was. I've only watched maybe 3-4 videos, but so far I haven't run into any of the issues that plagued the old one.

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The new player was initially working fine for me, but over the weekend HTML5 videos stopped working. It might have just been a bandwidth issue, but there's no feedback for HTML5 video that the player is doing anything. I.e. there's no indication that it made a connection and is simply buffering data, or it's just not working at all.

I'm on Firefox v27 BTW.

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Giant Bomb will never get a video player which isn't completely terrible.

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The engineer that's been working on the video player has unfortunately been out sick for most of the last week. When they get back in and things get settled down with the rest of the bugs we'll probably just start a new video player bug thread for all of these issues. Sorry for the trouble.

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@mercutio123: I think a lot of the problems are due to their content host and it's not obvious when you're suffering from a bandwidth problem vs a player problem. Ever since they moved, the site has gone through random periods where you get video slower than PSN speeds...

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I don't use the video player for archived video much, I download the HD files and stream them over PS3 to my TV, or watch them on the Youtube app if it's not Premium content. I will say, though, that the new player has worked flawlessly for me on the off chance I have decided to use it, other than the Bravely Default Quick Look going 100% frame-by-frame about 50 minutes in unless I kicked it down to High.

But when it comes to live streams the new players has undoubtedly been a downgrade. I can no longer go full screen in either HD or SD without the stream beginning to cut audio and freeze video every 2-5 seconds literally without question. That never happened on the old player, but it's a real bummer that I have to watch UPF windowed now. Nothing against the chat, I'm just a lot less prone to jumping to another tab and doing other stuff if I can fill the whole screen with Bomby delights (plus it's way easier to see what's going on on screen).

What's weirdest is that when it was more blatantly just the Gamespot player for those first few Premium streams, and the rest of the site still used Twitch or the old player, that worked as flawlessly as Twitch did, with the bonus of looking cooler. But now that it's site wide, something's up it seems.

As a result, I've missed a few live shows since the new player has dropped, rather than shaping my nightly plans around them. I still download the archive and watch it on my TV as soon as I can (which in many ways is an even better experiencing for someone who likes to watch in a way that leaves the chat out of it) since everything is even bigger, but there's still a certain charm/adrenaline to knowing everything I'm seeing is happening live.

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As someone who always complained about the last player (sorry Rorie lol) I gotta say this new one has been working really well for me. HD streaming works just as intended now with no buffering for me.

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@andmm said:

As someone who always complained about the last player (sorry Rorie lol) I gotta say this new one has been working really well for me. HD streaming works just as intended now with no buffering for me.

Yeah, the new player has worked very well for me too. I wasn't able to watch stuff in HD on the old one, haven't had a single problem on the new one. There'll always be people who have problems with any player, but from the amount of complaints before and after the new player, it seems to be working better for people in general.

The switch to the Gamespot stream, however, has fucked me. I currently only own a tablet (need to buy a new laptop...), and the streaming straight up doesn't work. So I'm not able to watch most streams, and have to watch the archives. Not a very big deal though, and I think I remember Rorie saying that they were aware of the problem with that player on tablets.

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New player works really well for me, but the lack of a resume function right now isn't great. I watch the big shows in chunks, and having to scrub through them to get back to where I was is a bit of hassle.

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Giant Bomb will never get a video player which isn't completely terrible.

I went through a 6 month stage where no videos at all would work for me, so I guess this is better than then.

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Both new and old players worked for me flawlessly. SUCKS TO BE YOU GUYS!

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I've had minor issues, but I always just figured it was due to my using Safari.

Just be patient everyone, it will get sorted out!

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I really like the new player and have not had any problems with it so far. Then again I tend to use a full powered desktop for my video streaming needs. It plays games AND videos! What can't it do!?

Edit: Well that's not entirely true I guess. When going from full screen to embiggened player it sometimes stays larger than the screen until I futs with the page size.

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I'm still having HTML5 videos not work on a seemingly random basis. I just watched today's Spelunkin' and it started fine and never needed to buffer. Finished that up and went to Loadout Quick Look, and nothing, it just hangs.

Are you guys doing some sort of per-user usage throttling where you get X amount of GB and then your throttled after that? As a premium user, I'm pretty upset if that's the case.