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I got an error on the guide page of Final Fantasy Lighting Returns, when I was trying to add the below, I got it perhaps between 12pm est and 5pm est, perhaps you were working on it or were fixing it. The first time I tryed adding a comment in the message section for the moderators, and the second i did not. Hopefully this helps.


Dark Muse

A basic garb that comes set with the Attack ability.

Auto Ability

Attack L1


Max ATB: 0

Default ATB: 50%


Acquired as a default garb in a new game

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Getting this too, i guess some things a bit wonky with the recent site updates.

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Whenever I try to edit the credits pages of some games I get an error as well.

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Yes editing release details is not possible currently either. I mentioned this in a bug thread and they said it was known so could be many of these are known/related too.

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You aren't alone. Editing abilities on Credits, Releases and Guides pages seem to have been impacted in the wake of the code update.

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I have been encountering this as well. Hoping it gets resolved soon as I have some stuff ready to go.

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Dave said on Jeff's Mixlr show tonight that this particular problem, and problems with any of these pages on the wiki, is one of the harder ones to solve.

Good luck, Top Men!

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Yep, this has been bugged for a while now. Sorry for the trouble.

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Thanks @rorie, hope it get's fixed soon.

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I too have been experiencing guide editing problems. While trying to edit the Killer Instinct guide I consistently run into saving problems regardless of time/date, browser, or size of edits.

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sorry guys, i'm going to start working on this tomorrow, hopefully it should be a fairly quick fix (may have missed something in the logging)

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Is there any sort of update? I'm still unable to make edits.

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The more I hear about how difficult it is to solve the wiki's problems, the more I'm led to believe that it will be a very long time before it's functional again.

It would be awful, but the manager in me thinks it might be wise to cut the losses and abandon it altogether. Seems like most of the site traffic is driven by news, reviews, podcasts and videos.

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Not sure about guides, but some of the other problematic types of pages are beginning to show life!