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Ever since the new notification system was implemented I keep getting notifications about blog updates from other users. I have that option unchecked in my notification settings, but I keep getting them regardless. Is anyone else having this issue?

#2 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5713 posts) -

I'm NOT getting notifications for when people comment on my blogs even though I have the option checked.

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@charlesalanratliff: Are people commenting on the forum thread for your blog or the blog page itself? I also didn't get a notification when someone commented on my blog and was wondering if that was it.

#4 Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff (5713 posts) -

@chavtheworld: The blog post isn't attached to the forums, so it's the post itself. I get notifications for things like this, though!

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@charlesalanratliff: Hmm, odd. I don't get them either - not sure if it's people replying via the forum or blog page though.

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hey guys

some of the notifications stuff got turned off or are forthcoming (we added the options early) as we continue to iterate and make the system better.