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When pausing the Giant Bombcast web-player the audio does not start at where it was paused, instead the audio is rewound back 10-15 seconds, but the time displayed does not reflect this and shows the 'current' time.

EX.) Pause at 1:00:00, hit play, the sound is back lets say 20 seconds, but the time shows 1:00:01 and so on. This is happening with the newest Giant Bombcast where the run time has hit the limit of 3:15:40 but the audio is still going, since it is off sync.

I cannot be for sure when this problem started occurring, but I have noticed it significantly with the past 4 weeks of Giant Bombcasts, most likely this extends to all Bombcasts as they all use the same player anyways. I have been using Google Chrome when listening to the Bombcast, have not tested with other web browsers.

P.S. It took me a while to understand what was going on, as I would press play and hear audio that I have already heard and just thought I was going crazy, then I realized it was off sync.

* So checking into this further, it does not rewind 10-15 seconds but rather 10-20 minutes, kinda frustrating.