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I didn't see this topic in the bug reporting and I listened to the PSA but wanted to make sure you were aware.

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Just checked out their page on iTunes. They don't even have a list of their old episodes anymore. It's also missing the cover art and the artist name is listed as Unknown. I'm sure the launch of the new site just screwed something up. Hopefully our Top Men will fix it sometime soon.

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I'm glad it was not just me, I was a little worried when all of the podcasts disappeared when i just checked them. Hopefully they can fix the problem afflicting their ability to upload their podcasts, but I understand if it will take some time. They have been really busy just trying to keep the website functioning properly.

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Whatever the issue is, it's not affecting just the Bombcast feed. My video RSS subscriptions are F'ed too, in much the same way.

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This has been fixed, will be out with the next push (later tonight or early tomorrow).

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On Zune I'm getting an error C00D1319 and it won't update. It's claiming there is no podcast in the RSS feed.