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Hi, there seems to be a small error when trying to have the table of contents update properly. I have noticed this in the past, but I forgot about it.

I am currently creating a Dark Souls 2 guide and am trying to make a structure. At the bottom, I have an Items section. There, it has a Header 2, Header 3 and Header 4. They work perfectly elsewhere, however, if I make the last item Header 4, it stops showing the Header 3 items before it in that section.

For example, I have:

  • Items
    • Arrows / Crossbow Bolts
    • Consumables
    • Covenant Items
    • Keys
    • Ore (Weapon/Equipment Upgrades/Infusion)
    • Projectiles
    • Souls
      • Boss Souls

However, it only shows this in the table of contents:

  • Items
    • Boss Souls

Strange. Any solutions?

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@baillie: we'll take a look, might've been something wierd with the js.

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