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For the past 2-3 weeks, I have been getting download speed at about 20kb/s (edited: it was at 100~200kb/s originally), causing me to use a download manager to enable multi-thread download for larger videos/podcast (which isn't much better to be honest, probably due to throttling mechanism).

I wonder if it had anything to do with:

1) me being in mainland china and the cdn GB uses does not have server in this region.

2) me cancelling the auto-renew subscription plan (current subscription is still valid until september).

3) china don't care.

since I may or may not be the only china-based subscriber in GB, I also wonder if other users reported similar issues (probably not as bad as my experience)?

PS: Just to give you a lasting impression about how I felt when I compare my network speed to other GB memebers:

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Yeah Giant Bomb recently changed to Akamai as a CDN for their video/podcast content.

To answer your questions,

Akamai does have servers in China, as with all CDNs and ISPs, it all comes down to how well Akamai has peered with your ISP and what is the closest "edge" server to your location/ISP.

From the (little) research I did, Akamai has abysmal connection performance across China, not much you can do about it, just hope Giant Bomb switches to a better equipped content host.

No it does not have to do with your cancellation of the auto-renew, their would be no way for the CDN to know anything about your account status (subscription, auto-renew etc.)

As the person who created the topic that you linked, I doubt its your connection, Akamai is the Microsoft of CDNs, they've been around for much of internet's life, they have been used by a ton companies, however they have not adapted well to the growing capacity of the internet (number of users and increase in overall transfer speeds).

Amazon (Giant Bomb's previous CDN host), level3 and Cachefly (cachefly's speed test) are newer competitors that are more adapted and fine tuned to today's internet need's.