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Any info on whether it's coming back or when?

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Didn't even notice it was gone to be quite truthful. But then I never paid much attention to it to begin with, so.

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@yummylee: It isn't that big of a deal, but I liked seeing what all of them were saying on twitter. I wont go out of my way and check each individual account of theirs, but having it all show up there was cool.

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This is related to our recent move to a new datacenter. It's on the list to bring back but the E3 stuff is taking a lot of our work hours right now.

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@narujoe93: @narujoe93: It was always really late updating. As is our own twitter feeds on the site. Best to just go follow em on Twitter =P

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Hey, it's back

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They disable it whenever performance issues demand it. Which is fairly frequently, as it turns out.