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When I click to edit a blog, the page says "Create a blog entry"

The last time I did this, it ended up creating a new blog, I think.

I want to be able to edit a blog without worrying whether I am to reposting the same blog every time I edit it. :<

p.s. it says I have -1 comments:

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@egg: What url is it sending you to when you press edit?

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http://www.giantbomb.com/profile/egg/blog/edit/94128/ -- well ok fine, the url has the word "edit" in it, even though the page says "Create a blog entry"

I tried to edit a blog just now. It seems to work correctly this time. The blog was edited, no new blogs were added, and it is not the newest blog on my blog page. So maybe what happened to me before was simply the result of the blog existing from before the site redesign. Or something.

That said, when editing the blog, the site asks what forums to tie the blog to. I wonder what the specifics are for using this option when editing the blog as opposed to originally creating the blog. I'd hate to create a duplicate thread on accident.