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Chrome Version 33.0.1750.149

Mac OS X 10.9.2

This is on every video I try to watch.

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Hmm that's really weird. Let me page @tsubomi and see if she can see what's going on. Can you try this in another browser and see if it's still an issue?

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That is weird. I seem to still have the option on my side. As unlikely as it is have you tried clearing cache/cookies and reloading the site? Sometimes I'll get really weird glitches in chrome when I don't clear my cache regularly.

Edit: I also don't have the latest version of chrome either yet....so that could be why.

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@rorie: Well after doing a quick twitter search for "Chrome HTML5" I did see a number of people tweeting about not being able to play HTML 5 videos on other sites after the most recent update. So, it may not be a site thing at all. Could very well be a chrome thing.