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The HTML5 player keeps cutting out after ca. 20 minutes, I haven't checked, but when it cuts may be dependent on the full length of the video.

Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m

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any videos specifically? or all videos?

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All videos I've watched lately, which are the 2 PAX videos and the 2 QLs

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Noticed that today while watching Alex's FTL Quicklook and the latest Unprofessional Friday video. Would cut out after about 30 or 40 minutes.

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I have this same issue as well. Did it with the latest Unpro Friday and The Goat Sim QL.

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ya the video players seem to blow in general. I haven't watched a video that hasn't stopped on me in months it feels like. I switch between mac and pc, Firefox and chrome too. Which makes me feel like its not an issue with the player but the server side hosting of the videos.

I know 5 bucks a month isn't much, but the annoyance of the video players and the constant onslaught of this Dave Lang creature makes me want to cut and run. I think the ray of sunshine that is Vinny is the only thing that keeps me around haha.

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I've just been watching videos in the browser straight from their download links instead of actually using the player. That seems to work more reliably for me.

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A lot of the time (not every time) for very long videos (over 45 minutes), I can't even get the HTML 5 player to even start playing in Chrome. It looks like it's gonna load the file in the player but never does no matter how long I wait. Which is a bummer.

Shorter videos often play, but sometimes 8 to 10 minutes in, they pause and I have to reload. This happens at home at the office (Time Warner Cable with 20 megs down & work is a Verizon Circuit with 50gig out). So go figure.

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Yep same thing for me. HTML5 on high setting, videos will always just stop into a black screen around each 20 minute interval.

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Yeah, videos stop to black screen every 15 minutes and I have to reload the page. I'm using Chrome on a Mac.

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Same here apparently. HTML5, High, Chrome 34, Win 7 x64

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Been having an issue with HTML player where videos seem super shaky. Like the picture is constantly moving all over the place.

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@kishinfoulux: what browser and OS? what video specifically (will let us test)? Any specific extensions?

we're looking into the cut-outs, it looks like it's something our encoder group may have changed so running that down.

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I'm using Firefox 29, both the HTML 5 videos and the Progressive Videos crap out on me when watching the HD feed. The last 3 Unprofessional Fridays, Vinnyvania 3, the Bounding quicklook. For the most of these, it seemed like it was stopping at roughly the same percentage through the video, like 60-70% done. I've updated my java, flash and firefox to see if that would help, and so far it hasn't. I think(and can't quite remember for sure) that it plays further in High quality over HD quality.

I only started using HTML 5 last night because UPF stopped about an hour in, and even when I clicked on the download link to watch it there instead, it crapped out after another 40 or so minutes. So then I returned to the regular page and changed it to HTML 5 and had it stop another 2-3 times for the last half hour or so of UPF.

This all started happening(for me, anyway) the week following that UPF where the audio was half a second out of sync, and I remember hearing that you guys had to start encoding videos differently around then.

Hopefully this all helps.

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@duecenage: wierd, would you mind checking out chrome? I'll check w/ the encoding group and see what if any changes they've been making to help move us along.

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@mrpibb: I rewatched the Bounden Unfinished in chrome, and it worked fine for the whole vid in progressive HD. I'll try some of the other quicklooks as new ones pop up and see if the problem rears its head again.

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@duecenage: thanks, we'll play around with firefox. Do you have any specific themes or addons?

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@mrpibb: 1password is the only add-on I've put onto it, though.. the time for when I added that is roughly the same time as the issues. I might try deactivating it for a quicklook sometime this week.