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So, as I mentioned elsewhere, I decided to try my normal Alias again on the username change function of the billing site. I thought Hyphens had been enabled as usernames.

Unfortunately, after chatting on the Live Stream, it appears it may not be intentional. Replies to me show up as "silverstreak", and no longer highlight for me in chat, nor do they show up in the replies window.

Are hyphens actually intended to be available for usernames? If not, is it possible for me to change again this year? Or is it intended, but the chat replies just a bug?

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You're a bug.

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@silver-streak said:

@truthtellah: Well, right now, that may be true!

Yeah, I saw your buggy self in chat. ;)

Hopefully it will get worked out for you.

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@silver-streak: This sounds like a chat bug rather than an issue with your username. Perhaps @edgework may be able to look into it.

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