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Whenever I try to edit my lists, specifically to change the order of placement of games on a list, when I click save list it forwards me to a 404 page and does not apply the changes to the list.

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Agreed, I will say though I enjoy the Luchador Stantler image.

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It's bugged. We'll get to it this week.

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Thanks Dave! We really appreciate the work you're doing!

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Am I the only one who can't remove items from lists or change the order? I can save/edit lists just fine and there is no 404 error, it's only while editing there are problems. When I click the remove button, nothing happens. All I can do is edit the text, and add more items to the list.

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I can't remove entries or move them up and down the list, possibly browser related (Firefox)

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Just tried to update my one list. Still broken. Hope for a fix soon. =(

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Seems to be fixed now. Thanks Top Men!

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Saving my lists after re-ordering them now works! (firefox)

Cheers top men!

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Seems like I can reorder stuff using the numbers but the buttons are still not working. Hey, I'll take what I can get, thanks Top Men!

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Whoa, whoa, whoa... I was going to update a list by adding more games to it, but there's no more 'add to list' button on game pages? Am I totally overlooking it? (My first attempt since the site make-over.) Have they removed it temporarily to deal with stability issues, or permanently perhaps (surely not)?

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Re-ordering lists works now! But when I tried to edit the lists sometime last week, I somehow made three duplicate lists that I can't edit or delete. It just gives me a server error (HTTP Error 500) every time I click on the list.