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I just started my premium subscription a few days ago and I can't get my Roku to link with my account. The first time I entered the six digit code on giantbomb/roku it said that it was accepted, but when I tried to watch a premium video it just kicked me back to the home screen on Roku. I tried many times to enter new codes the last few days but the webpage doesn't respond. I searched the forums and can't find any solution. I tried deleting the Giantbomb app and re-installing but that did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I think that @frobie was working on this yesterday.

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I'm having the same problem only in my case the code is "invalid" even though it is the exact code on the screen.

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The second time I tried to enter a code it said it was invalid. Every time since then nothing happens at all. I wonder if it is locking us out for trying multiple codes.

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For me nothing happens. I enter the code, then press "Link My Roku", then the code just disappears without linking the Roku.

Anyone find a solution?

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Works perfect now! Thanks for the awesome work!

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Mine worked today too. Sweet!