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With the old post tools, there were ways to post HTML, which allowed you to link to an image that wasn't on Giant Bomb.

This was very useful for the Giveaway Thread, as it allowed us to use the dynamically updated images provided by Steamgifts. These images let people know if a giveaway was still running, how long it had left and how many people had joined in already.

I would like to have this feature back in some capacity. Perhaps when you click on the Img button, the URL Address option would have a checkbox to, "leave image on external server".


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mmmm hotlinks

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I'd like it to come back, too, but right now, there are a billion other problems related to images in general (why are captions such a pain in the ass now?).

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I just want the HTML back in general, it made making blog posts with embedded audio players really convenient :( On the beta site though I did have a staff member reply to me about its removal (can't remember who sorry), and they said it was taken away intentionally (some security thing or something, makes sense I guess.)