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This entire year I have not been able to watch a single video. I'm a subscriber and unless I catch what you guys are streaming on Twitch, I might as well just write off the content. Videos never play more than a few seconds without stopping and stuttering. Pausing and trying to replay does nothing and I have to refresh the page to get the video to play again.

I love your content. I want to watch your videos. What can I do to fix this?

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Download the video. That's what I do all the time in order to not run into any trouble.

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Download the HD video to your machine and watch it locally rather than streaming.

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I've tried that also. I typically can't get more than 200kb/s when downloading videos, which explains why I can't stream them either. I have a 10Mbit connection that isn't being utilized by the CDN Giant Bomb is now using.

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It has been pretty bad, though recently it has become a lot better for me. I think they're working quite a bit on it atm.

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Yeah, it stutters quite a bit for me too. So, I've been using Youtube... works great there...

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Could also try swtiching browsers, been using firefox & videos work well with the Win7 current version (32 bit) of that browser. Some ads I've noticed for me being a non-subscriber will kill the video loading but reloading the page usually fixes it when that happens 5-10% of the time.

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Have you tried using the HTML5 video player instead of choosing the Streaming/Progressive options? As for non-subscriber content, there's always Youtube.

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The problem isn't the browser, it's the new CDN they're using Akamai. I do use the HTML5 player - it doesn't help.

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@ds8k: We have a stickied post on this here. If you could put your information in that thread, that'd be handy. Might also want to throw in your physical location if it's a CDN issue.

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@rorie: Will do Matt. Thanks for the response.