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A few times over the past couple of days (including just a couple of minutes ago), I've seen topics from the Moderator Hangout forum appear in the All Topics forum list. I'm not allowed to enter them (I get a 404 error for the trouble), but then the topics vanish from the list as quickly as they appear.

I shouldn't be seeing this.

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Can ghost threads eat?

I'm guessing the forums' framework is breaking apart; there probably should be some type of user permissions regarding whether or not that thread/forum section should be visible to us that's being broken right now. (We probably shouldn't be able to see that thread or forum at all).

EDIT: Okay that statement about the framework breaking apart is an overstatement, it seems they fixed yesterday's weird post error problem that caused a lot of multi-posts.

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@hailinel: They're aware of it. Not sure why it's happening, but it should give a 404 message to anyone clicking on it who's not staff or mods.

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So what goes on in the moder...


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So what goes on in the moder...


I imagine something like this. (Actual clip not provided because TV networks can't never make their videos easy to find.)

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its all "eyes wide shut" in the moderator thread...

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Did this just start happening recently? It was occurring for me for a while, but it was eventually fixed.

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:D Yep, I saw one of these in the wild too; definitely a site to behold.

The best part is, the topic you took a screenshot of is probably discussing the very issue of moderator topics appearing for non-moderators.

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Just saw this, couldn't enter the thread as you said. Using Windows 7 and Google Chrome.

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It's happening again :o

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