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Hi! So ever since the site relaunch, it says I have 6 messages, but when i click on it, I dont have any. Please help.

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I have had 14 since the new site launched.

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Same! I have had 4

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Someone (who's not me) should probably make a parody thread entitled "What we're working on - UPDATING NEVER"

...you know, because that stickied thread hasn't been updated in over a month, and my ghost-message nightmares continues.

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Same. I have 2.

Glad it has been reported.

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Same problem here

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@toowalrus: I know the staff is busy, but I've received no response from the support email and posting in this forum. It's a little depressing sometimes...

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85... So annoying.

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This has been reported a bunch of times. Still not fixed.

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Honestly, they are probably working on the Comicvine site now. It looks like they are under a lot of pressure to finish that quickly.

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@dagbiker: You're exactly right.

We will do a run through Inbox/PMs though once things cool down and fix bugs.