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I'm getting 500 errors about every other click, sometimes twice in a row, sometimes I can go about a minute without seeing one. Just giving you guys a heads up.

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I have only had a few 500s but wow that thread title is great.

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Yeah, I'm drowning in them.

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im sure they're aware that the site is still hugely unstable...

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Same here, and the site's running very slow in general.

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Me too. Hope nothing's on fire.

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What does "throwing McKinley's $$$" mean? I ask because McKinley is actually my last name.

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@mr_faraday: McKinley was the president on the $500 bill that went out of circulation in 1934. He was the true baller before Benjamins were cool.

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@jace: Ah see I knew about president McKinley but I didnt know he was ever put on a bill, thats cool thx.

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'It's all about the McKinley's'? Doesn't have the same ring to it.

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Site's going much better today than it was yesterday. I'm also getting 500's and just plain not loading sometimes, but usually after I madly hit F5 a few times, it comes up and all is well with the world.

Well, with my web browsing at least.

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There's a joke about race cars and Indianapolis in here somewhere but I haven't managed to put something together with it yet. :p

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Yesterday 500s were practically all I got when browsing, and today it has happened a ton too, but overall the site is working better today for me. Ehh... it'll get sorted soon I bet.

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I don't really mind because I find the 500 page really really funny

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I can't even go to two pages in a row without getting a 500, I'm not sure if this will even post.

Also, A+ thread title.

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I getting pregnant by these errors

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Probably a known general problem, but yeah I am getting those 500's around 50% of the time I go to a page.

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Damn that's a nice thread title. Also yes I've gotten a shit ton of 500 errors.

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For the moderator that asked me in the other thread, the error has come back now.

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yeah every other click is a server 500 error for me, also pages are taking around 20 - 30 seconds to load

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Lot's of 500's. Visiting the front page, clicking links, etc.
And for some reason seem to read the error text as if it was Patrick saying it.

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The 500 just came back for me. I didn't have for most of the evening yesterday and they've started again today. Not as frequent as yesterday, about 1/5 clicks today.

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@xymox said:

Lot's of 500's. Visiting the front page, clicking links, etc.

And for some reason seem to read the error text as if it was Patrick saying it.

that 500 text is straight Jeff, don't be silly.