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Usually in other browsers when I have something in the text box and click back or whatever, it'll ask me if I'm sure I want to discard what I had written. But with IE11 I am getting this notification even when I haven't written anything in the text box. It makes looking through the pages of a thread really annoying because with every page I'm getting this popup. I can use other forums perfectly with IE11 but GB is a little frustrating to use with it.

  • IE 11.0.2
  • Windows 8.1

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May I suggest switching to Chrome.

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@mikey87144: I've been trying to stay away from Google products and Chrome was the last thing I switched from a few months ago. I won't be getting it back any time soon. Besides, I don't really think that's a legitimate solution to this problem... :P

I asked this question on the Microsoft Community forum and was told that these sorts of things are controlled from the website's side, not the browser's side. If the popup is coming up it's because each individual website has to decide when these things come up. That's what I was told any way, and others who had my problem backed this up.

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IE is your problem. Firefox or Opera are also perfectly valid alternatives.

Why avoid the Google? Do you use Bing? Ewww!!

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@xyzygy: You know Chrome has supplanted IE as the most popular browser which seemed unthinkable a few years back. It's also rated as the best browser you can use on any platform. I'm just saying, maybe just use the best option.

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@mikey87144: Yeah I know all that :3 I still think that a website should be working good an all three browsers. I don't think forcing users into using one browser just because it's the best rated and most popular is really the solution. I also have issues with Firefox and this website (can't log out). In fact this is the only website I use that I am having browser-specific problems with.

And for the record, I have also had issues with Chrome and some websites. Actually, more websites than I've had problems with than the other two combined - my province's student assistance website doesn't support Chrome, drop down menus weren't working on Pitchfork (only worked with IE for some reason), and my university has a free TV connection/channel/website thing that only supports Firefox and IE.

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IE is your problem. Firefox or Opera are also perfectly valid alternatives.

Why avoid the Google? Do you use Bing? Ewww!!

Bing it. Turn Safe Search off.

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@sinusoidal said:

IE is your problem. Firefox or Opera are also perfectly valid alternatives.

Why avoid the Google? Do you use Bing? Ewww!!

Bing it. Turn Safe Search off.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with Bing and it's served me extremely well. Plus I like the photography and moving pictures better than Google's Doodles.

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I just tested this IE11/8.1, I'm not getting the popup unless I type something.

Are you leaning on your keyboard? tap tap tapping on that spacebar?

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IE11 is not IE8, guys.

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An example. Nothing is written but it's still asking me if I'm sure. YES I'M SURE.

Other than Giant Bomb, IE11 is pretty flawless as far as I've seen.

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But did you still click the text-field, it might happen even if you don't write anything I think.

Also go Opera, it's awesome here on the lesser known side... We're only like 2% last I checked.

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@khann said:

IE11 is not IE8, guys.

This. It's tiring to see that a legitimate bug is being reported and all people can do is make smart comments about a browser they're too insular to realise is actually the fastest out there right now.

ON TOPIC: This has happened with me on Chrome before. From what I can tell, for some reason the there's always a "space" already entered in the reply box by default. This makes the page think you're writing something, thus prompting the message.

One day this randomly stopped happening to me so I can't tell you what steps I took to rectify it. I would check to see if this is what's causing it for you, just so you're certain.

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I switch back and forth between the two, IE and Firefox, and have to say that they're a good combo and can get anything done. But, I can't logout on Firefox. Just throwing this bug out there for the IE side of things. :)

@kidavenger: EXACTLY! That's the issue! There is always a space in the text box when starting out! You're a genius for finding that out. That's the issue! Because there is a space there, my browser thinks I've written something and asks me if I really want to leave (as it should be doing).

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I'm having the same issue, and I'm on Firefox.

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Sorry for the issues. I'll file a bug and hopefully we can get this rectified.

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The reply box does gain focus as soon as you navigate, so OP, maybe you're pressing the space bar either accidentally or to scroll down the page.

I'm noticing this:

  • IE11: reply box receives focus as soon as page loads, swallowing all keyboard input
  • Firefox: doesn't happen.

Thanks for following up, Rorie.

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@jediavenger1738: @spraynardtatum: Can you guys try this in a Firefox window without any addons installed and see if it still happens? I'm not seeing it in FF 26.

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@rorie: It's also not happening to me in Firefox 26. Just IE11.

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@xyzygy: Not happening to me in IE11, unfortunately. Maybe it's a Windows 8 issue. We'll see if we can test it out, but I don't think we have any W8 boxes around here at the moment...will see what we can put together.

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@xyzygy Do you have some kind of plugin enabled? It seems that something is being inserted into all of your text boxes on page load?

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Stop looking at Porn and Giant Bomb at the same time, hope that helps.

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@jslack: Didn't touch any plug-ins for IE11 except for Adblock.

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We just pushed out an update to the wysiwyg. Can you guys check if this issue is still happening? Thanks!

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It was still happening for me on Firefox, but I tried disabling my addons and it turned out to be caused by an addon called SmartVideo for Youtube. After disabling that, it's no longer an issue.

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It's still happening, unfortunately. Still occurring whenever the page has a text box.