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I can not seem to add an image to any post I make. I can add video, links quotes and a table. But Image does not work. I have tried doing it in IE, Firefox and Chrome all with no luck. I'll try on Safari when I get home.

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Working for me!

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@dwigtk: are you still having this issue? It might be something related to your account.

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Hey Rorie,

It is only an issue on my work computer, so they may have some crazy restrictions on what can and can't be done on the network. I would file it under a non-issue, I'll just wait until I get home rather than post at lunch.

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@dwigtk: What exactly happens when you try to post something?

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Nothing happens, clicking on the image button does nothing.

Also I noticed that all of the small icons on the site (like the bold button, italic etc.) don't load at all. I only notice this on my work machine so I would guess they have some crazy networkign restrictions.