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I've only tested this out on my own personal gallery*, but whenever I click on a gallery with more images than what load by default, the images after that don't load. It doesn't even attempt to load. I tried clicking the images to browse the non-loading ones that way, but when I get to the last image that actually loads, the next arrow disappears, almost like it's denying that my other images existed in the first place.

That bug seems to have fixed itself, somehow. The below bug is still at large.

Also related to this bug is how my All Images gallery just refuses to load at all, and how going into it from the forums will only load the 16 most recent images I've uploaded before it just gives up.

I'm using Chrome and Windows 7.

*After testing it out on a wiki gallery, it seems to be affecting only my personal gallery.

Seems like the problem has been fixed. I can see my image gallery once again!

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Hmm that's really weird; there's not even an image link on your user profile. I'll ping an engineer. Sorry for the trouble.