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PS: I cant even access the inbox, just loads a white page.

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It's apparently a pretty common bug, I've got 5 messages permanently, I'm sure they'll fix it eventually, but it's not on the "what we're working on" thread. I actually haven't seen any of the staff acknowledge that the problem exists, either... It's driving me crazy.

#3 Posted by Claude (16630 posts) -

Yeah, I've got like 443 unread messages, but truly have zero. Life in the fast lane I guess.

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hm, well here is to hoping for a fix!

thanks for the replies.

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I have 5 messages too, it's so annoying, I heard that if you delete all your outbox messages it goes away, but I don't want to do it :D.

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I have this bug. Plus, today it said I had 2 but the drop down tab showing my mail had nothing in it. There was 1 message but I only saw it when I went directly to my mailbox. I'm using the latest version of Firefox on an XPsp3 PC.

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I have this bug as well.

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@pop: you are right. I deleted every message I had. it did go back to 0.

But I suppose most people, like yourself, dont want to delete all their messages. Still hoping for a fix :P

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Yes, I also have this bug. 5 unread messages.

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Deleting my last 10 messages reset it to 0 unread, and now it seems to be on-track again.