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I have my profile set to Chicago, and I have the zip code set, but the times on the Upcoming have been set to Eastern time for a couple weeks now. The ticker at the top of the page is still correct, but I've missed most of live streams because of it, and the constant uncertainty if that's the real time or I have to do the math is starting to get kinda irritating.

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@mrgtd: Hmm, I have all of that information removed from my profile, and it's still showing correctly the west coast times for me, so I'm assuming it doesn't draw on profile data to set those times, but rather an IP or something like that. Let me file a bug, though, and see if any of the engineers can shed some light on this.

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@mrgtd: It looks like this is based on IP and a geolocation server. Have you started using a VPN lately? Where does this page say you're located?

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I haven't used any VPN that I know of, and that website just says a broad "United States" location.

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@mrgtd: Hmm, I'm not sure what would be causing that. At a glance I might check with your ISP to see if anything odd is happening with your connection that might be causing your IP to not be locate-able. E.g. this is what it shows for me: