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Just a little issue, nothing major, or I assume not, but the thumbnail for the six minutes of Infamous Second Son is a broken image. This only happens when you look through the "Latest" videos, the video player thumbnail is fine, the generated search results with the drop down menu that thumbnail is fine, it's just the grid view which this affects.

The video in question is titled "E3 2013: Get Toasty With Six Minutes Of inFamous: Second Son Gameplay" and I'm using Google Chrome and it is also broken on FireFox.

Also some of the videos time's are set to 00:00:00, so there's that too.

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Yupp, someone fix this. I keep having to go to YouTube for my daily "Infamous: Second Son gameplay fix".

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Is this still an issue? Thought I re-uploaded a better image a couple days ago.

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