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It's not just the archived videos though, live streams are unwatchable at times as well.

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Trying to watch Thursday night Throwdown and it keeps stopping. It's fucking awful.

#53 Posted by _Chad (962 posts) -

I've noticed at least for me, when I open a new tab it causes the video to stop. When it crashes it doesn't save your spot.

I'm on Windows 8 using Chrome Version 27.0.1453.65 beta-m

#54 Posted by thebatmobile (983 posts) -

I've started to download everything I want to watch, because I know it will buffer like a motherfucker if I try to stream it with any setting. It's getting really tiresome.


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I can't fast forward the video it just restarts from the time period, full-screen mode makes the frame rate slow down to nothing. Windowed mode is fine in the frame-rate department.

#56 Posted by Beforet (2931 posts) -

So for the past couple weeks, I could not use the onsite video at all. Thusly, I used the youtube player almost exclusively. Just before typing out this post, I tested them again. They all worked. So thanks, OP, for fixing it! :D

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Things are still smooth for me.

#58 Posted by SpoogeMcduck (191 posts) -

I was having issues with them playing on my PC while they all worked fine on my ipad. Now in the past week they've started working fine on my PC but they won't even play on the ipad. Not sure what the deal is or if they're still working on things behind the scenes.

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Buffering remains a problem especially on large files, what ever streaming partner they use for the premium content blows. I never get above 100k down, even downloading the files is a crap option as I'd like to watch content but waiting a week for the HD version is unacceptable.

Also I have 30mpbs down confirmed by speed tests and the YouTube player never has this issue.

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Is anyone having sound problems?? When I pause a video the sound goes away. It doesn't happen every time but a lot. I pause it again and the sound is still gone. I have to refresh the page to get the audio back.

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It's pretty awful, like some other people here I've just started watching the videos on Youtube instead.

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Don't usually have any issues but for the last couple days I've been having problems with videos pausing randomly and then acting like they've finished playing. If I refresh I usually lose my place in the video and sometimes it doesn't load again at all. Never have any problems with Twitch, though.

#63 Posted by Einherjan (593 posts) -

No problems here. Using Chromium on OSX.

#64 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1297 posts) -

I have been golden since my last post

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Firefox doesn't do proper fullscreen since the transition to the new site, so I either use Chrome or youtube. Mostly youtube though. Watching on GB, the player needs to buffer quite frequently. Very un-smooth man!

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Almost every video I watch on the GB website will freeze at what seems like random times. This has been happening for a few weeks now, wondering if theres a fix. Using Firefox.