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Phone: Nexus 4

Android Version: 4.2.2

Browser: Built-in Chrome

Issue: When I load the site everything comes up fine and the videos on the main screen will load, however when I tap the Menu or Search icons in the top bar of the page nothing happens. When I test it on my ipod the menu pushes in from the right and the search menu drops in from the top. Tapping the Giant Bomb logo in the centre of the top bar reloads the page so it isn't an issue with the entire top bar, just the 2 side icons. Issue occurs in landscape or portrait mode.

Edit: I forgot to mention this before but even when pulling it up on Safari on iPod touch 5th Gen, the menu and search is a little slow to pop-up. I hit the icon and it takes a second or two before it will respond and open, the delay is long enough that the first couple times I didn't think I had hit the icon right and ended up re-tapping it a few times.

Edit 2: Noticed this last night while browsing on my iPod. When I go to the podcasts page there is no way to browse older podcasts, it just lists the current podcast. (ie. I can only see Bombcast 02-12-2013) As far as I can see, there is no way to view next page or anything like that. Along with that, if I change the comment page it breaks the CSS completely and the site is just plan text, white background with everything left justified.

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Nexus 4 here as well. When the site first launched everything was fine. I couldn't figure out what had changed to day to make it stop working. It was upgrading it to 4.2.2 that did it. Good call Sign.

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I'm also experiencing the same problem but I'm using Android 4.0.4.

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API has changed I believe and the new one has to be released

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Got a Galaxy S III with the most up to date versions of Android and Firefox. And same thing, no luck pulling up the menu.

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Having the same issue with Windows Phone 7.8 using Internet Explorer and third-party browser.

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Galaxy S III 4.1.1

Issue effecting Firefox, Chrome, Dolphin, and stock browser.

As pointed out above, everything was fine until sometime between Thursday and Friday.

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Galaxy Ace here and it happens with stock, dolphin and boat browsers. It works with opera but it's so slow that most of the times I just quit. Also I still can't watch the videos (only with opera using the download option and takes to much time to load).

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Same problem here.

Galaxy Nexus, rooted, 4.2.1, stock browser and Chrome.