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  1. There's no longer an option within threads to jump to the first and last pages of the thread. This is very useful!
  2. CTRL+CLICK of page numbers on a thread doesn't launch that page in a new tab. It just loads it in the existing view-port, as if you had just clicked on it without the meta-key. (For example, you're viewing the 5th page in a thread and you want to open pages 6, 7, and 8 in three additional tabs -- CTRL+CLICK will just load page 6 over page 5 in page 5's tab and so on).
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For the first thing, never used it but I can see why it's useful to have.
Second thing, that is also handy to have but I click using the middle mouse button and that works for me. Would still be good if it just worked with CTRL + Click for people who don't use their MMB