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I've been trying to update in Instacast for a few days now. I figured I'd check the RSS feed here to see if its an overall issue or just an issue on my side. When I click on any of the premium RSS feed links from the webpage, I get the following:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<error code="404" message="Not Found"/>

I think this started happening when the site had issues the other night but I might be wrong...

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if i had to guess the issue is that you're not a premium member?

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Well, I used to be and didn't cancel my membership.

EDIT - well shit, when did that my membership end and why? At least it's an easy solution :)

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The odd thing is, it looks like my membership ended in July which makes sense because I had issues with my credit card back then and had to get a new one. What doesn't make sense is why I've been able to access the feed until this past week. Oh well, back to being a paying member.

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@xbigdanx: Our billing systems are...inconsistent at times. Sorry for the trouble!

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@rorie: So I'm not sure if this is an issue with Feedly or what. I've got the premium feed plugged into feedly but its not showing anything past episode 8 of the movie podcast. Even when I refresh or unsubscribe/re-subscribe.

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I'm still a member, and I haven't been able to get the premium podcasts, either. I use podkicker. It says that there is "no route to host."

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@rorie: I'm having the same problem here. When I try to subscribe to the feed in iTunes, or any other RSS feeder, it says its an "invalid podcast URL" and won't let me do anything.

I'm having to download everything manually and import it to get it to work. I haven't been able to get any new Premium feeds for a good 3 months now at least.

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@rorie: Nope feedly isn't finding a valid feed for whatever reason.

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@demoskinos: Well, I'm definitely showing that it's there. Does feedly support authentication? The feed wasn't actually being authenticated until a few weeks ago.

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@rorie said:

@russianblue8181: @demoskinos: Does this URL work:


I just want to say this works now, I was having this problem and following this one step fixed it in Feedly