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I guess you guys just did some revision update or something that allows users to search for specific videos and games. It's a good idea, but it's really hard to search for games within the Wiki. I see you guys have an option on the side for deselecting options, the problem is this takes quite a bit of time to do and it doesn't seem to save your preferences so you have to deselect the options you don't want to see each time. It would be easier if there was just a way to easily select "Games Only" or "Concepts Only"

Thanks for listening

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Yeah, the search definitively feels less useful now. It's nice that we can search for these things, but the vast majority of the time I'm looking for a game page, and all these other results are a distraction. Heck, right now it seems like it only returns editorial content and no wiki pages in spite of only wiki stuff being selected in the search options.

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Yep, it's pretty messed up now =|

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Moving this to bug reporting, because it seems to be a bug. The dropdown "options" menu on the search bar has two columns, one for Editorial and one for Wiki based searches, yet the options under both display the editorial searches, not the wiki pages types.

Also, filtering by text (i.e. typing "Game: Game Name") seems to be broken too.

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New search is terrible, guys! I was looking for Ninja Gaiden just know and you took out the platforms from the results so I had no clue which one was the arcade game and which one was the NES one.

This is very counter productive.

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I type in "Vita" or "Playstation Vita" but all I get are videos

the actual entry for Vita is like 16 pages in, out of 17 pages of entries total

welcome to the new and improved Giant Bomb!

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That search bar at the top should only be for the wiki, as it always has been.

The other search bars in the relevant areas, should only be for their relevant areas. Like it has always been.

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I received a notification and when I clicked on it it took me to the psn concept page.

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You have to "uncheck all" if you want the video game pages.

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@aegon said:


You have to "uncheck all" if you want the video game pages.

oh god, I just stumbled across this myself. this is a complete mess.

please, someone hit CTRL+Z and undo this!

can't even search concepts in wiki pages anymore. site's basically broken.

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@def said:

This is very counter productive.

Yeah. It's great to see any attention given to GB's design, and I'm sure there are lots of other things to deal with, but this is simply worse than it was. If they're getting rid of the wiki (please no!) than this might make some kind of sense, but even just having a game's own page as the hub to then find related videos or articles made so much more intuitive sense than this:

No Caption Provided

I don't want to sound overly demanding and jerky to the programmers, but this specifically, as it is now, is just not really useable.

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I believe this is a known issue that's being looked into. Sorry for the trouble.

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I actually can't seem to search for anything at this point.

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Yeah, it's really hard to search the database for anything anymore. It's pretty terrible. I have no doubt it will get fixed soon, though.

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In order to find a game or character (this actually isn't 100% successful, either), I have to perform a search for that thing, load the articles/videos if any, and then re-search, and the Wiki portions come up after that.

Plus, I can't find anything at all that's been made since the rollout of new code via search, at all.

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Typing "Dark Souls" to get to the videos related to that game doesn't work anymore.

And if I go to the Games page tab I can't even search by name there. I have to pick find by letters, style of game, publishers and dates. I just want to put the name in and get to it. Thanks.

EDIT: So I put "From Software" in developer and hitting enter key or clicking on the "This form is awesome!" button isn't doing anything either. The publisher query section doesn't work or I'm missing something.

EDIT2: Plan B, used Google to get to the page.

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I agree. I don't really like the new search engine. It feels a bit annoying having to type out specific words just to find something, or going through lists of search entries just to get to a Wiki page I'm looking for. I prefer the old search engine. It was simpler but more intuitive and less annoying.

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It seems the search bar still works fine from the front page of the site... but not on any other page. In fact, the wiki options only appear properly on the front page of the site.
At least, that's what happens for me.

Here are some images:

Front page of the site
Front page of the site

Any other page on the site
Any other page on the site

I'm using the latest version of Chrome and Windows 7.
Hope this helps!

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There's a lot of search stuff that we're working on. I believe MrPibb has that listed in his stickied post at the top of the forums.

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Google advanced search is your friend until this gets fixed.

just go to google

type in the game name you want and put "site:giantbomb.com" (without the quotes) immediately after it. It will generally give you a list of pages that will get you close enough to find the game or relevant game forum page.

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I tried typing in Tekken 5 and for some reason can't get anything before part 6