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From Feedly; I tried to click on a link to for a recent article and the url came back as;

The main link also comes up as;

Which takes you to Luchadeer / 404

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Yeah, the rss spazed out there yesterday and feedly saved it for you.

All the links that where weird where old links that had been posted before, and the older original links should still work. If you look through the RSS now all those posts are gone, they just got caught by feedly.

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@kinetix: Can you try unsubscribing from the RSS feed and resubscribing?

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@rorie: Only if you don't make me look at puppies

I deleted and re-added the feed; all of the feed content is linking correctly, however, the main header for "Giant Bomb's Site Mashup" is still linking me to auth.giantbomb.com