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Anyone else have issues with chat on Spookin with Scoops last night? When I clicked join chat the stream started but the chat section told me "you are not logged in", even though I was logged in on the site page. In hindsight I should have logged out and in again to see if that fixed it but I didn't think at the time. Hope it doesn't happen again for Unprofessional Fridays (on a Thursday)...

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I had the same issue with the dota stream right now. Tried it several times and always got the same error "you are not logged in". I clicked the link on the main page and I am logged in. Otherwise I couldn't post here ;)

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I haven't been able to chat for the last 3 live streams (spookin, unprofessional and now the dota stream). It doesn't say I'm not logged in but the chat is blank and there is no "post" button after I write something, problem has persisted after many log in and out tries.

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Yeah, I'm having the same problem with it saying I'm not logged in, and no chat showing up either.

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I'm also having this problem but found it only happens in chrome. Firefox seems to let me into the chat just fine.

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@vucub88: @epidehl: @seancoughing: @jgf: @pinner458: Hmm, I'm not seeing anything obviously wrong with your accounts. Are you all using Chrome? If this happens the next time around, can you try Firefox and Chrome Incognito to see if it persists? Might be due to an addon or something; not sure.

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I have the same issue. For yesterdays Scoobs and the wolf and today watching daily DOTA.

I use both Firefox and Chrome.

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yeah same happens for me

ok I fixed it by logging out and back in

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@nickscorner: Try logging out and logging back in, if you can. Also, having two tabs open with the chat will cause you to log out, as well. Using firewalls or programs like Peerblock can also cause isses.