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A few other users brought this up in a facebook post, and Rorie suggested we make a new forum post regarding the issue.

Basically, my PC freezes for at least 5 seconds when loading Giantbomb.com. I'm currently using Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, and using Chrome 27.0.1453.110 (with all extensions disabled). Hardware wise, I have an Intel Core i7 920, with 6 GB of RAM (Triple channel x 2GB sticks). I had another site that would do this fairly regularly (www.thisiscolossal.com), but that site recently had an overhaul, and is no longer causing issues.

Please let me know if you need any further info!

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Do you have adblock running? If not, can you get a network snapshot and see what's taking a long time (might be some js file)?

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Chrome freezes my laptop sometimes as well for like 5 seconds, it's weird. It hasn't been happening lately though. It's definitely a Chrome issue and not the website.

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Could be java related? to be safe just do a refresh on that stuff and see if it clears things up for you (uninstall/re-install java etc).

Chrome can be... weird. I'd used and loved Chrome since it's beta and it FEELS like lately over the past year it hasn't evolved and more and more little quirks and weird bugs pop up each day, also it uses memory like a motherfucker. Soon they are switching to a whole new engine or whatever, hopefully that will make the way it uses tabs more efficient, maybe even clears up some bugs along the way.

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@djjoejoe: Or create a hundred more. Cause you know... Chrome.

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Add a rule to block nrcdn.com

The item that's stalling the site has a tag called nRelate. This is from their site:

nRelate helps Publishers give their readers an easy way to find more great content from within their site or from around the web, while Marketers get their content in front of highly engaged readers.

So some kind of .js file from a marketing company.

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@hcaryan: yeah, I think this might be it. I started having trouble with the site too but only after I whitelisted everything on GiantBomb in Ghostery and Adblock. I want to support the site. I'll just go block their domain at my router. thanks for the headsup.

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Hmm, if anyone else tries HCARyan's suggestion, let me know if it works. I'm not familiar with the company in question, but if it's something related to our ad services, I can see about getting it removed if it's causing problems.

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This has to do with chrome's cache loading. I've seen solutions like this:


But I don't think this happens on firefox. It happens for me when trying to access the verge as well so I'm pretty surer its just a chrome thing (on windows)

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I don't think it is, unless "nrcdn.com" is somehow hidden from ghostery and adblock, which seems unlikely and also we are premium members so that seems like something the site should check for prior to pushing ads to us, because that seems like wasted bandwidth?

I'm getting this problem from two websites now -- GB and The Daily Dot. Both sites are using something called "New Relic" .

Have a similar setup at the mo'
Win7 64, chrome Version 27.0.1453.110 m
ghostery and adblock enabled

But since it's a script I just now installed NotScripts and added nrcdn.com to the blacklist. I'll poke around for a couple of days and see if it fixes it.

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My labtop cant even load up the site, it always freezes. I've been accessing it from my phone.

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Site seemed to be just fine when I ran NotScripts. Only had freezes when it was disabled... hard to test though since it didn't freeze every single time I visited the site with NotScripts turned off.

Switched to firefox yesterday and (so far) I've had no problems with loading the site/no freezes.