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Every time I click on the Forums button it would crash but individual main boards and forum topics work fine. This is weird. Anyone else also having this problem?

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I'm also having this problem.

It gives this error message after about 90 seconds.

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Same here. Every page but the forums works fine. Hell, even clicking individual boards on the side deck works perfectly. It's just the general forum page that's fucking up. (General Discussion, actually, upon further investigation.)

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Yeah started having issues with the forums around the time Dave and crew turned off the editing on the wiki. Dunno if related. Its sorta working here on my phone but the desktop version continues to give me the finger.

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Yup, the site also ate my first attempt at posting this month's blog.

DAMN YOU @snide!

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Trouble with the forums and a bunch of other stuff. Hope they sort it out soon.

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Yeah, the websites been kinda broken the past couple of days (I mean, more than usual). Luckily I can usually hit F5 a couple of times and get it working.

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I have optimized forum system to load faster; let me know if it still crashes

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@idbloc: Wow, loading really snappy fast now. Thanks! =)