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it's really difficult to use the site on an ipad. links and menus can't be clicked.

usually, I need to tap and hold until the pop up appears and I can then pick open in new tab.

for example, on an ipad. try opening the bug reporting forum from the forum main nav bar menu.


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Yes! I came here to post just this. Running iOS 7.1.1 on an iPad Air. I've been noticing this same issue on my iPhone 5S, same iOS version. Tend to need to longpress and select open, or sometimes even open in a new tab. The drop down menus very rarely work, instead letting me click links "behind" them.

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@quid_pro_bono: yes. it's especially bad when the drop down menu is over a video player

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Yep. It's been pretty darn unusable for a very long time. I know @alexisg is aware that it needs attention, so hopefully it will get addressed at some point.

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