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Seems like this bug just popped up a few day ago. I am using Google Chrome by the way. So when I am watching a video or something I might want to open the general discussion section of the forums without leaving the current page, so I go to the drop down menu and middle mouse click on the link and it will take me there. But not anymore. Now it will just go to the link like I had just regularly clicked on it. This is happening in all of the drop down menus on the top bar of the website. The Giant Bomb logo works just fine with this and even the drop down menu headers do too. It is just the content in the drop down menu that will do this such as "Giant Bombcast" and "User Lists"

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@flacracker: Yep, it affects ctrl+click as well. I'm fairly sure this wasn't an intentional change, but either way it's been bugged for someone to look at.