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I was once credited with over 1000 wiki points for fixing up the Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing page on the old site, but now since the new page layout both on my profile and the game page it no longer displays me as a contributor (though I believe my total wiki points have not been altered).

Not a serious issue, but I was kind of proud of the work I put into that page.

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I also noticed this, when I saw that at least 3 of my previous top tens weren't there anymore. This, this and this were written by me, but now I only have 6 points on those pages, My total amount of points seems to be intact, but I can't be sure because I really don't remember what it was before.

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Same happened to me, I created a page two days ago and yesterday I had lost the points on that page but my changes are still there.

This is the page. Editing now starts me over.