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"Samsung Galaxy S3 here"...I'm not sure if this is a problem others are experiencing or not, but on the side bar, I can't select any of the "drop down" options. For example, if I select "podcasts" I can only go to the main bombcast page and cannot select from any other content. The same for videos and forums. It's REALLY unfortunate. Is there a fix coming? Am I the only one??? Thanks guys.

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Just tried it out on my iPhone 4 and the drop down stuff isn't working for me either.

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@clonedzero: I hope there is something in the works. This has been this way for a while.

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Same thing on my Iphone 5. I try hitting the down arrow symbol for the pull down menu, and I see the address bar in Safari add a '#' symbol at the end of the address (i.e. www.giantbomb.com/#), but nothing happens. Just started happening for me last week.

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Sorry, yeah, it's been bugged for a while. I'll see if I can ping someone regarding it, though.

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@rorie: Can you see if it's possible to make the mobile site work on android tablets. I'm on the new nexus 7, and I get the full site. Though, for some odd reason, when you select "request desktop site" it switches over to the mobile version of the site.

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@naru_joe93: Where are you seeing the "request desktop site" option?

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@rorie: Im using the stock chrome browser on the nexus 7. You just hit the settings button (the 3 dots on the upper right of the browser) and check the "request desktop site" checkbox on the dropdown menu. Thats the only way to see the mobile version of the site on the nexus 7. It's be much better if it automatically used that version of the site, so you don't have to constantly check and uncheck that option.