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Recently with the switch to the new site I have found that I have been having some issues with regards to mobile video playback on my phone.

As what I have been doing currently is having iTunes download all new GB videos from the mobile RSS feed then loading them up onto my iPhone 3GS. The video playback becomes incredibly pixelated when any fast movement occurs, and neigh on unwatchable. I was wondering if this is a problem on my end with me using an older phone and if not if there was anything I could do to correct this issue. As the problem I have living in the UK in a smaller town is the Internet infrastructure is not very well developed due to the age of my house. Therefore I was relying in the low bandwidth mobile and low quality RSS feeds to get the GB videos, which while the quality was not great on a small screen was good enough. .

I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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Hey duder,

I realized the problem just now. The Mobile feed is actually using the 250k feed, which we have deprecated (should not be exposed to public). I'll switch the feed to the actual "Mobile" quality so it'll be watchable on mobile.


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Thank you very much, from when will the change take place so i can do a mass download?

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It will probably be live in 18 hours...doing a push tomorrow.

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Well you have my thanks well in advance :)

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This is now live. The link should look like <video filename>.ipod.mp4.