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So I was getting ready to update my Hitman Blog where I've been playing through the series and noticed when I moused over one of my comments that it had a "moderate" button. Only on my own posts though but I assume this is the same button used by moderators to delete/remove posts. I'm also going to go ahead and say this probably shouldn't be like this?

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This is a known issue that's been bugged. Will probably be a lower-priority issue while we work on the bigger bugs from this week, though.

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@demoskinos: You are one more step closer on becoming a moderator!

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@rorie Whoops, I should not have pressed that button, right?


Giant Bomb no-reply@giantbomb.com
to:fattony12000 <xxx@xxx.xxx>
date:7 February 2014 20:04
subject:Your comment has been removed due to a violation of our moderation policies
Signed by:xxx.xxx
:Important mainly because of the words in the message.

Hey fattony12000,

Your comment has been removed due to a violation of our moderation policies.

Moderator comment: Your conmment has been deleted

Your comment: theht said:Awesome Good timing for folks who want to get thier Civ on thanks to the Humble Bundle.I ll subscribe on Steam and look forward to seeing this progress konig kei said:Now all you gotta do is the same thing for Europa Universalis 4 and world peace will be achieved. xymox said:I m so glad this finally exists in some form. Will use it the next time I feel like playing Civ. : nightriff said:I will download when I get home later today nice tribute to Mr. Ryan Davis thatdutchguy said:Duders Unite nightriff said:Subscribed and commented can t wait to try it out. What bonuses did you end up giving Sir Ryan Thanks for all of your kind comments duders and thanks for checking this out this early I reckon you people will have already noticed but I ll restate it down here for those Johnny-come-latelies:This mod is Early Access Pre-Alpha Steam Greenlight Kickstarter Freemium Beta software and was released to the wide wide world in an unfinished state. This mod will remain in an unfinished state for a good while yet. I have released this mod this early so that I actually have some motivation to finish this thing. I will endeavour to only push working updates to this mod but be prepared for terrible explosions and horrible fires at any point. I thank you.Down with this sort of thing These sorts of things for example are actually the kinds of sorts of things that I d be looking to include in this mod Relatively simple in terms of code I would for example again find a land unit like an infantryman or SAM launcher and give it a bit of a buff up in stats tweak some flavour text and maybe change the unit icon. Stuff like that. mrcool11 said:Bonus damage against helicopters brodehouse said:King of the Driveway bonus all units get 15% attack when on roads Please feel free to suggest and/or contribute right here in this thread with other ideas and silliness

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