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  • My inbox has been stuck on 22 new messages (which don't exist) since the relaunch and only sends new PMs about forum mentions (which I have to look up manually since the PM count is stuck on 22) are only sent in cases where a user has directed replied to me, quoting me doesn't send new PMs my way
  • My wiki additions to pages are having trouble saving, I keep getting a "whoops something went wrong "
  • I can't flag anything, despite not needing my flag count reset (as far as I'm aware) before the relaunch
  • I've been having problems embedding more than one youtube video into my posts
  • I can't help but think that I'm having a much harder time in the live-stream chat than most, I'm constantly having trouble staying logged in to the chat and then my posts rarely post to the chat.
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I cannot flag posts either.

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My inbox is also stuck on 22 unread messages, even though I just went through all of the 14 pages of messages and marked them all as read, it still shows that.

I've also been getting the "Whoops something went wrong" error occasionally, the oddest thing I've noticed is that it's been inconsistent. Sometimes when it shows that error message, it won't save any of my edits, sometimes it will save all of my edits, and sometimes it will only save part of my edits (only saving certain fields, while others remain empty).

I haven't been having any of the other problems you've mentioned, however.

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I've got 54 unread messages in my inbox permanently, though really I have none.

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I can't embed any youtube videos. It says "Sorry, I don't know this video service"