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Not really a bug, but it seems like perhaps a bad design choice to have every system in the database on the platform drop down within the New Games page.

Could this drop down instead be populated only by the systems that are represented by games coming out on that page?

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Not a bad idea. I'd have to see how difficult that is for the engineers to do. This is probably more of a feature request than a bug, yeah, but it'd be nice to do.

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but don't take out the manual option

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In the next couple of days, that list should start only showing consoles released in 2004 or later, since they should theoretically be the only ones getting new releases. Hopefully that'll help.

@def: What do you mean by "manual option?"

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@rorie: Sorry, I was half asleep while typing this. I meant the manual option to add a platform. For canceled games and stuff that has no releases in the database yet for whatever reason. So that it isn't just blank when a platform release is missing, for example.

OH WAIT scratch that. I just realized you're both talking about the New Games page and the filter ... nevermind. Blame it on my sleepy brain :D

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Rather than creating a custom solution just for the New Games page, how about just putting current systems at the top of the platform field? Would save me a fair bit of time when entering stuff into the wiki. And removing older systems from the New Games would actually cause an issue occasionally, since there are still a few guys out there creating games for old systems, even going as far as putting them out on cartridges and such.