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Unless I'm missing something there's no longer an ability to delete one's blog posts?

I've decided that I want to use my Giant Bomb blog as a platform for my gaming thoughts, rather than maintaining my own WordPress. But not being able to delete posts is a real pain, for example the other day I accidentally posted a half-finished version of my post and had to frantically finish it off. Also, I have some old posts I wrote more as a test than anything a few years ago and I can't get rid of them.

Being able to delete and preview posts before posting them are pretty standard blogging features, glaringly absent due to the fact that everything else works so well!

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Yea, it's impossible to fully delete blogs on the new site. The best you can do is prevent anybody else from reading them.

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How do you do even that? I couldn't find anything in the blog post view or the edit page.

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I'm not sure why users cannot delete blog posts, but I'll check with an engineer. It might be that some blog posts are attached to the forums and generate large discussions - deleting an entire thread just because a blog poster might not agree with what came afterwards isn't really fair to the people who posted in that thread. In the meantime, if anyone feels like deleting a blog, you can always ping me via PM and I can take care of it for you.

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That's a fair concern, although it could be remedied by making it so that if an article is removed the forum thread remains intact and just becomes a regular forum thread. Then, if the author really wants to get rid of any traces of his content he can edit the original forum post — any replies will be out of bounds though, so no worries about people losing their contributions

Blog authors should definitely be able to remove their own articles, and that should get rid of associated comments. But if the author made it a forum thread too, then it's fair game that they should remain. I guess the site would need a new function that converts a removed blog post into a regular forum thread with replies though, so maybe this is just wishful thinking. ;)