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A couple of months ago, Mozilla added H.264 support (along with AAC & MP3) to the nightly version of Firefox.

Selecting YouTube loads up its HTML5 player, which works (I do not have Flash installed) but the HTML5 player option for videos does not.

I assume the Progressive/Streaming options are Flash only.

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I was just watching an H.264 video in Firefox Nightly. Check it again maybe?

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Yeah the nightly version was kind of spotty for us last time we checked. We'll get around to it for sure though. Usually we only work on the developer versions of browsers (canary, nightly, etc) when we have the extra time. But again it's something I'd like to have done.

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Sorry for the trouble, it is actually working. Videos are loading extremely slowly for me right now, and it didn’t look like anything was happening when I clicked play.

After leaving it for a minute, it did actually start.

And this was not what was causing the issue, as I temporarily allowed all scripts and cross-site requests when testing, but I also had to grant access to cbsinteractive.com, as the videos are loading from there and not the Giant Bomb site.

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hmmm, what video? Our videos don't originate from cbsinteractive, tho some of the javascript and flash may. If you have the exact file that was loaded, we can tell a lot more.

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You're right - it's calling a script from cbsinteractive.com that is required for the HTML5 video to load, the videos themselves are loading from the Giant Bomb site.

http://vidtech.cbsinteractive.com/h5/2_2_0/CBSI_PLAYER.js (gee, that sounds like it could be important... ;) )

http://vidtech.cbsinteractive.com/config/uvp_config.js is also called, but does not appear to be necessary for HTML5 playback to work.

It's not really a support issue at this point. The reason videos weren't showing up for me was simply the download speeds I was getting (they seem to show up quickly now) and obviously it's an issue on my end if I'm blocking cross-site requests/scripts running and things don't work.

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Sorry to raise the dead... but I can't get html5 videos to work in Firefox 31 (or Aurora) on Mac OS X Yosemite.

The video FAQ and this thread were last updated 18 months ago... just wondering what the latest was?

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