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When mentioning (@username) someone in the original post of a poll the user in question doesn't receive a notification.





I never received notifications for any of those topics. All notifications are turned on in my settings.

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Yeah - I'm not getting any notifications for anything anymore.

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Notifications have been dead for awhile. Mostly because there's like 1 dude working on the site right now, and its probably only for maintenance (to make sure the site doesnt completely choke). Everything will get better when the gamespot redesign is over with (that's where GB's engineers went... Thanks CBSi)

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@naru_joe93: @zero_:

You need to go into your settings and turn them on, 6 months ago they did something and it turned off everyone's notifications, you just have to turn them back on and they will work again.

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@pr1mus: Thanks for the note, I'll file a bug on this.