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I recently tried to add a release listing for the collector's edition of the game Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. The process worked as normal up until I hit the button to submit it. I received none of the Wiki's usual messages saying that the edits had gone through, the usual page refresh prompt or even the sign for the page loading. After waiting a while with nothing showing I figured that I had just misclicked and tried again, and none of the usual prompts appeared this time either. I then back out to the game's main page and see that my submission has apparently gone through thrice for the same edit, and I never once received any notifications that the edit had gone through or even been submitted in the first place.

I also noticed that it doesn't say on my profile's recent activity that either of the three edits have taken place, but the three edits still show up as approved on the game's wiki editing history.

If a wiki moderator could clean up the duplicates, that'd be really helpful too.

Running Win7 64bit/Chrome.