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Yeah, pretty sure this is probably known to the staff at this point, but just in case, I'm not a premium member, but I can watch the livestream of Unprofessional Fridays. Not going to watch because I respect the guys too much to, but just throwing this out there.

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Nah you can watch it, pretty sure you can go to the twitch feed and watch everything there anyways, praise you for your integrity but spoil yourself with some unprofessional friday fun

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The livestream player is showing up on the front page. I cannot enter the chat or watch it on Twitch.tv though.

@nightriff: The premium content does not get archived on Twitch.

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I'll look into this. Next time this happens, feel free to watch...we don't really mind

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You can watch any of the archives for free on other sites, all they do is embed them and they get around having to have a membership, I used to do that, then I gave back and got a sub because they content is awesome and the chat is awesome.