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I can't find the Quick Look EX: Hack 'n' Slash, on the youtube channel. It's not premium content as far as I can tell. And although I have premium, it's way easier to watch videos on youtube than on the site while on my phone.

Thanks! :)

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I know it sometimes takes a day for some videos to show up onto Youtube from GB.

Hopefully it'll be up soon!

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@finaldasa: Ah that sucks. Time to fight with the site on mobile. Thanks :)

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It was just an issue with the uploader. It should be up there now.

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@brainwins: It was up for a bit but I think it was truncated to only 4:30 so I pulled it down. I'll see if Vinny or Drew can get it re-uploaded.

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@rorie: Thanks! It looks like Patrick's crazy video issues are spreading :D

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It seems like the Lego Hobbit QL is not up on YouTube either. Any chance you could check on that one too?