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basically what the title says, i got a reply from @snide on something and that broke notifications for me.

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Have you checked your settings page? There are ticks for what you want to be notified about.

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Still having that problem, i checked all my settings and they are correct, logged out and logged back in and i just gave it a few hours.

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Differently, I just got a notification that I mentioned myself in a comment when I quoted a post that had an @reply directed towards me.

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@corruptedevil: Just in case you don't know, what you're setting to " immediately " are email notifications, not on site ones. On site ones are just the check boxes.

Anyway, I've had this problem from time to time in the past. I never change any settings or anything, so I dunno. Hasn't happened to me recently (well, at least not that I know of!)

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@mrpibb: nope, just refreshing the thread every 20 minutes

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I'm currently experiencing this as well. I cleared my browser's cache and logged in and out but for some reason I don't get notifications in any form. All of mine are set to immediately.

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I get notifications but they are hours after I get replied to or mentioned. By the time I get the email I've usually already seen the reply because of the notification in my Giantbomb mailbox.

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@sammo21: im not getting anything in my giantbomb mailbox, it still shows 2 mentions from 5 pm yesterday, even though ive seen both those and been mentioned after that.

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Yeah, I've had this problem since the site relaunched and kind of just gave up on it.

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I have this same problem too

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Same here too, when opening my Notifications page, there is only a single notification there, from yesterday (there were quite a few there two days ago). No @'s since have given me any notifications or emails.

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time to sound the Rorie alarm?

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@rorie: i turned off email for most things and still no notifications

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I have had the same issue forever. Ill turn off emails and see if it helps

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@corruptedevil: You wouldn't have gotten them for old things. Let me know if you get this, though.

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@rorie: i had my email stuff turned off when you posted the other one

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My notifications area is blank, they all gone.


Yeah so all my past notifications have been erased, my reply to myself showed up on the list but I didn't get the number next to the red flag at the top.

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@rorie: I've always had emails disabled. I feel like I get notifications for name mentions sometimes but not all the time. (for example in the bounden quick look comments someone calls me out and I didn't get a PM for it)

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@rorie: I tried disabling email notifications, but the setting won't save.

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I got an email notification for a mention, but it doesn't show up on the site. All my check boxes are checked.